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Guaranteed Savings Plan

In many cases, we can guarantee the savings you’ll receive when we implement a project at your facility. The Guaranteed Savings Plan allows you to divert some of the money normally sent to the electric company into a set of energy-saving facility enhancements.

Lloyd's of London

We’ll work with your existing staff to install carefully chosen improvements that will reduce your consumption of electricity and improve the reliability of your equipment. After full implementation, this Guaranteed Savings Plan will produce positive cash flow and a payback of less than three years.

The Guaranteed Savings Plan system relies upon a proven financial approach, rather than simple technical fixes. When we implement our GSP in your facility, we give you the option of spending your money on long-term capital improvements rather than utility expenses. And our GSP will yield a long list of benefits that go beyond electrical savings.

GSP sobre

• The system is passive, and requires no employee involvement or training.
• The improvements are durable, and include a 20-year warranty.
• The equipment will improve the reliability and power quality of your facility.
• The system includes a fully insured guarantee of savings.

Our Guaranteed Savings Plan is a multifaceted approach to facility electrical improvements. And it’s backed by Lloyd’s of London.