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We offer an adaptable and technically advanced set of energy management services to our clients. Our long list of clients, spanning two decades and several continents, is testimony to our success.

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We take a practical approach to energy management, offering a range of services from simple energy audits to the implementation of complex energy management systems. Much of our work is based on the methodology outlined in ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management systems. We have had a significant involvement in the development of this standard, and we continue to play a prominent role in its deployment  around the world. Our experience spans many industries including civil defense, food processing, retail, insurance, and manufacturing. We’d be happy to share a list of satisfied clients with you.

We can help you design, develop, implement, and improve your approach to this critical area of your business and to align it with your existing business processes.  For each of our projects, our priority is the improvement of your energy performance — and we do so through practical and low-cost initiatives. Our goal is to help you meet your goals for cost savings, reduction in emissions, and risk management.

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