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Apple Energy Group is a private micro-multinational company. With offices in the Austin, Texas and Madrid, Spain, we provide professional services of consulting, training, and project management in energy efficiency and energy management for industrial and commercial clients worldwide. Whether through our consulting and technical assistance, engaging and practical training and education, or hands-on energy management and ISO 50001 implementation, we are dedicated to serving our clients by producing sustainable results.

Our executives, energy managers, engineers, trainers, and consultants represent the global face of the energy efficiency and management industry, with decades of public and private sector experience, as well as field and classroom expertise. We are committed to inspiring change, effectively communicating knowledge, creating teams, and executing Energy Operations Analysis and management systems.

Energy Operations Analysis (EOA) is an interdisciplinary analysis of a firm’s energy-related behavior, customized to the unique needs of a client. Combining intense observational and statistical analyses, EOA enables organizations to strategically consider their energy use. This process encourages creativity and clarity, paving the way for organizations to develop and implement a plan for energy management by following the industry-leading methodology of ISO 50001. During the process of assisting a company in the implementation of an energy management system, AEG is in the ideal position to assist in attaining significant and sustainable energy savings. AEG’s Technical Consulting provides a firm with third-party guidance from opportunity analysis to procurement execution through our diverse and highly experienced technical team.